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Fall '04 Fall 2004

Body Parts: An Unregulated Business

Point~Counterpoint: 100% Trusting

Winter '05 Winter 2005

Coroner: Conflicts of Interest

Coroner/ME's Role in Tissue and Organ Donation

Point~Counterpoint: Should families be required to read a description of the cremation process?

Spring '05 Spring 2005

Lighting a Fire Under Mortuary Education

Summer '05 Summer 2005

Hospice and Funeral Home Relationships: How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest

Cemetery~Monument Dealr Complaints

Netherlands Crematories Offer Advanced Technology & Services

Amalgam Debate

Fall '05 Fall 2005

Regulatory Board Standars: How To Be Effective

Recruiting Public Members

Licensing Laws: The Colorado Experience

Winter '06 Winter 2006

Continuing Education Ten Years Later

What's Wrong with CE?

Jazz Up Your CEUs

Spring-Summer '06 Spring-Summer 2006

Why Do People Choose a Mausoleum?

The Integrity of a Mausoleum

The Failure of an Industry (MBNA report)

How Well Do You Know the Funeral Rule?

Winter-Spring '07 Winter-Spring 2007

What's in a Name?

Should Anyone Really Own "Family Funeral Care"?

Investigation of Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

Obit Chasers

Summer-Fall '07 Summer-Fall 2007

Funeral Secrecy in Massachusetts

Alabama Board Audit

Hospital Body Release Policy

Abuse of Power (FBI)

Spring-Summer '08 Spring-Summer 2008

Black Eye for Green Burial Council

Lynch Complains, FEO Responds
Lynch's lawsuit against FEO and various other nonprofit consumer groups
Court sides with FEO, throws out Lynch's suit
What Are Seminaries Teaching about Funerals?

Muslim Funeral Traditions

What are Mortuary Schools Teaching about Religious Diversity?

Another lawyer attacks FEO, this one for copyright infringement
FEO responds
Hmong Funerals

FTC Opinion Requested

FEO suspended publication of its newsletter during the drawn-out legal wrangling with Thomas Lynch and his lawsuit. At this time, mailing a printed newsletter is not within our financial means. But do check back from time to time to see what new things we've posted on the website.

Bad things can happen when good people do nothing.

The Funeral Ethics Organization is a nonprofit corporation.
The Board's Directors serve without pay.