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How to File a Complaint

We hope you have made every effort to resolve your complaint with the other parties involved. That's not only polite, it's the way you'd want to be treated, too.

Funeral Consumers Alliance has an excellent page on how to deal with funeral home complaints, but feel free to call us for advice for how best to word your complaint, if you wish. Or if your complaint is not about a funeral home but a cemetery or monument dealer instead, FEO probably has additional contacts to suggest. If you are someone from the funeral industry having a problem with another member of the industry, we'd like to hear from you, too. Call 802-482-6021.

Here Are Some of the Worst Complaints Sent to FEO

Pennsylvania seems to have a disproportionate number of funeral problems.

Pennsylvania Funeral Board Fails to Follow Court Order; Contempt of Court Sought

Brief in Support
Why Not, Asks the Court?
Final Brief
A Pittsburg Rabbi fights back to protect religious funeral rituals

A funeral director complains
Investigation or harrassment?
The Quaker way
The Department of Health is helpful
Much Ado about Nothing
Pennsylvania Funeral Board Lawyer Threatens Home Funerals
FEO responds
More Lawyers Mis-reading the Law
Again, FEO responds
A Third Lawyer in the Act
FEO Got No Response to This One
Ingold Files Misconduct Complaint with Court
FEO Files Misconduct Complaint with Court

Pennsylvania Funeral Director/Coroners, a conflict of interest, a 2010 survey

SCI Staff Lies About Texas Laws

Bad things can happen when good people do nothing.

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